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Consumer Electronics - Automatic Soldering Machine

  • Category:Consumer Electronics
  • Processing material:   Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy
  • Precision: 0.005mm
  • Processing cycle:7-14 days
  • Proofing cycle:1-5 days
  • Surface roughness:According to customer needs
  • Maximum processing capacity:
  • Hotline:+86 769 8205 1380
  • Product Details

Strong product versatility

The device is independently placed next to the assembly line and is moved and welded by X/Y/Z robot. The soldering operation can be performed according to the soldering points at different positions, and the switching procedure can be performed.

Complete line of unmanned work

The product or fixture is automatically positioned by the assembly line, and the soldering machine automatically performs soldering to achieve unmanned operation.

Stable welding with good precision

The equipment adopts X/Y/Z robot for automatic soldering, no leakage welding, virtual welding, welding slag and so on.

The main control software is easy to adjust

Multiple product type selection

Dimensions: 700mm * 1080mm * 1800mm (length * width * height)

Compatibility: Compatible with all types of audio, speakers, consumer electronics.

Equipment efficiency: 4s/PCS

Function description: automatic soldering function.

Equipment maintenance: on-site training, on-site maintenance and after-sales technical support

Applications: 3C, computers, electronics, etc.

About us 

Our company derives its name from the strong influence of the Chinese people in the global manufacturing industry and their best product supply capacity in the world.
Our company specializes in hardware products such as hardware mold, stamping products, metal plate bending, laser cutting, and CNC processing. It is mainly engaged in the supply and demand for high-tech industries such as auto, new energy, furniture, electrical engineering, medical treatment, telecommunications, infrastructure construction and automation. There are over 50 staff members in the company, including over 20 professional engineering technicians and over 10 quality assessment employees.


Our advantage

NO Ability Description
1 Qualification SA8000、T16949、ISO14001、ISO9001
2 Price Factory direct selling price, 1 working day to complete the quotation.
3 Sample Sample preparation was completed within 3 working days. TRUMPF 3030、AMADA368
4 Quality 100% self-test, issued a third-party test report and The entire process of environmental monitoring system.
5 Delivery 3-7 Days
6 Service Support technology, procurement, packaging design, shipping, etc.
7 Supply chain Support!
8 In stock Support!
9 Confidentiality Guarantee!
10 Technical personnel 20/(Proportion )50%
11 Quality personnel 10/(Proportion )25%
12 Factory floor space 3000㎡ 100% Independent operation
13 Factory building area 2800㎡

◆ Production capacity

NO Material Average monthly usage
1 Cold rolled steel plate 80 t
2 Stainless steel plate 15 t
3 Aluminum plate 10 t
4 Copper plate 8 t
5 Other 20 t

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